Jared Nielsen Has No Style

But He Has Projects

The Sun, Observed


Fork Yeah!


In G

Sonification of GitHub user contribution graphs as pentatonic chords in the key of G.

Pictorial St. Louis

Interactive raster map created using Library of Congress collection 'Pictorial St. Louis' and Leaflet.

Fool's Gold

Giant gold nugget fabricated from industrial scrap for Washington Project for the Arts annual auction gala 2017.

Of Trees and Lasers

Of Trees and Lasers is a book I made using the laser cutter in the Fablab at the Martin Luther King, Jr. branch of the District of Columbia Public Library.

Washington, DC City Model

3D-printed, laser cut scale model interpretation of the American capital.

The Hello World Program

Surreal web-series teaching computer science basics with puppets and animation.

Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE)

While I served as Digital Strategist for the NSF AISL resource center CAISE, I produced the above video and managed the migration of InformalScience.org from Expression Engine to Drupal.

Association of Science Technology Centers

I produced the above videos for ASTC using free (and mostly open source) software on Linux.


Atom && VSCode Key Binding Map & Configs

I am a lead instructor in a coding bootcamp. I use Atom. My students use VSCode. This map is irrefutable evidence that Atom is superior :). Source



Technical Interview Questions



Series of apps I use to both demonstrate technologies in the classroom and randomly select students for activities.